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Why So Many “Experts” Are Terrible Speakers: Top 5 Public Speaking Mistakes

By Kathy Caprino (Article originally published in As a frequent speaker at live and online conferences and events, I’m in the company of hundreds of folks each year who are top authors, experts and consultants.  In many cases, these are … Continue reading

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Secret for Success: 10 000 Hours versus Natural Talents

By Manie Bosman What is the ultimate “secret for success” – something that explains why or how some individuals rise above the crowd and become the celebrated success stories of their time? Right now there are two popular theories which … Continue reading

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When Underdogs Outperform The Stars

By Manie Bosman Everyone loves a good “underdog” story and in the world of sport it doesn’t get much better than this: On Saturday 29 October the Golden Lions (a squad of underdogs sporting only three players with any international … Continue reading

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