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Neurosafety: The New Science of Safety Leadership

By Manie Bosman “We’re behind on production and now this – how could he do such a stupid thing? He knew the safety procedures and that he was not supposed to touch the conveyor belt while it was still running. … Continue reading

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Do Meetings Right: The Neuroscience of Great Meetings

By Manie Bosman A while ago I was facilitating a workshop for the leadership group of a large automotive manufacturer’s senior marketing team when their General Manager suddenly slammed the table in front of him and shouted “Ahhh, now it … Continue reading

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Checklist for Brain-Friendly Change Management

More than twenty years ago, organisational behavioral experts Kenneth Thompson and Fred Luthans noted that a person’s reaction to organisational change “can be so excessive and immediate, that some researchers have suggested it may be easier to start a completely … Continue reading

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How Neuroscience is Creating “a Brain New World”

By Manie Bosman “The gene was the central issue in biology in the 20th century. The mind is the essential issue for biology in the 21st century.” – Eric Kandel At the risk of coming over as arrogant or self-conceited … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s What We Learn from Science about Making Changes that Last

NOTE: This is an adapted version of a previous post (see Taking Small Steps is the Key to Improve Your Leadership Behaviour). I’m publishing it in response to several recent conversations about New Year’s resolutions and whether or not anybody … Continue reading

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Taking Small Steps is the Key to Improve Your Leadership Behaviour

By Manie Bosman “So I realise that I have to change the way in which I’m leading people. Can you give me just five things I can do to be a better leader from now on?” In the nearly two … Continue reading

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The Neuroscience of Conditioned Racism

Although great progress has been made in the war on racism it is an evil which persists to haunt us. From the London Olympic Games to the run-up for the American presidential election to workplaces all across the globe friction … Continue reading

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