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Leading During a Crisis: 7 Lessons From The Costa Concordia Disaster

By Manie Bosman Since the luxury passenger cruiser Costa Concordia sank off the Tuscan coast at Giglio island last Friday, the media have been screaming accusations against its captain for abandoning ship while many passengers were still on board. Captain … Continue reading

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These Seven Risky Strategies Can Cause Avoidable Fiascoes

By Manie Bosman While many authors on the topic of why strategic plans fail seem to agree that bad execution is the primary culprit, blaming failure on those who were supposed to “make it happen” is perhaps a a too … Continue reading

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About Dead Horses, Arabs and Following the EVIDENCE

By Manie Bosman Two of the most common mistakes managers and leaders make is to either desperately cling to the practices and theories which served them well in the past, or to fall for every new hype and fad that … Continue reading

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Don’t just think – think STRATEGICALLY!

By Manie Bosman After losing a million lives during World War I and seeing another 5 million seriously wounded, the French government vowed to avoid a recurrence of this bloody war and decided to fortify the country against any future … Continue reading

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