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Strategic Leadership Institute’s (SLI)  core competencies are centered around leadership and include leadership development, executive coaching, future foresight, strategic planning, cultural interaction, negotiation and communication. We are passionate about what we do and proud to present our professional services to help you become even more effective in an ever-changing volatile global and local environment. Choose from our range of suggested services listed below, or contact us to discuss your specific needs so that we can compile just the right package to serve you best.

Executive Coaching

Leadership is a constant learning process and even experienced and established leaders need support and fresh inputs from time to time. Let us help you and your top leadership team overcome current obstacles and develop your full leadership potential through coaching and mentoring. Tolearn more  click here

Leadership Development

Everyone knows that leadership is the most critical factor in determining an organization’s success, but how are you dealing with the leadership gaps in your organization? The tidal wave is coming: over 20 per cent of Africa’s population is aged between 15 and 24 years, and over 40 per cent is under 15 years of age. This means one of the biggest challenges for sustaining your business is developing and retaining emerging leaders with the potential to meet the demands of growth and change inevitable in successful enterprises. To learn more, click here

Future Foresight

Everyone knows tIt is often said that we live in a time when change is the only constant, which means that in order to stay relevant and competitive, it is no longer enough for individuals and organizations to be aware of what is happening today: we also need to anticipate what might happen tomorrow and further along in the future. The primary task of a futuring exercise is not to predict the future, but to enable decision-makers not to be caught unawares by the future, but to take strategic action to help influence their most desirable future. This includes implementing informed short-term actions and strategies to prepare for long-term developments or to help cope with change and emerging challenges. To learn more click here...

Strategic Planning

Because of the rapid range at which change occurs in our time, SLI typically integrates strategic planning with a future foresight exercise. However, we also facilitate strategic planning for clients who only require help with this critical aspect of management. To learn more click here

Negotiations & Conflict

Negotiations – formal or informal – takes place at various levels in every organization each day of the year. SLI’s team of associates include some of South Africa’s most experienced and recognized negotiation experts, and they would gladly help improve the negotiation skills of your employees. Similarly, conflict is a constant occurrence which cannot be avoided, but can be harnessed for positive results if managed correctly. To learn more click here


Communication is the lifeblood of all human interaction and of organizations in particular. SLI offers several courses and services aimed at improving our clients’ communication efficiency. While some of these are focused on developing individual communication skills, others such as communication auditing will help advance overall communication competency. To learn more click here

Cultural Competency

Research indicates that neglecting cultural differences leads to the majority of failures in cross-cultural ventures. In a world which has become increasingly multi-cultural at all levels, the importance of developing strong cultural competencies can therefore hardly be over-emphasized. SLI offers several options to help leaders and organizations improve their cultural competency. These vary from developing individual cross-cultural skills to establishing or changing organizational cultures and coaching partners in cross-cultural partnerships. To learn more click here

Team Development

The advantages of teambuilding for groups and ventures in just about every conceivable industry have been well established. SLI offer various options to best suit the needs and requirements of individual clients. To learn more click here

Seminars & Workshops

Most of the courses and workshops listed on SLI’s website can be presented in the form of 1-5 day seminars. The material can also be filtered into tailor-made training for specific target groups to suit client’s individual needs. To learn more click here

Virtual Classrooms

One of the state-of-the-art services SLI offers to deliver top-quality content and expert faculty to markets around the globe is the virtual classroom. When used correctly, the virtual platform offers a multitude of opportunities. Virtual classrooms present massive savings in terms of travelling and conference costs as learners are able to participate from the convenience of the location of their choice. Virtual classrooms also reduce the carbon footprint of conferences and training, which in itself is a strong motivation to make use of this service. To learn more, click here

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