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How Neuroscience is Creating “a Brain New World”

By Manie Bosman “The gene was the central issue in biology in the 20th century. The mind is the essential issue for biology in the 21st century.” – Eric Kandel At the risk of coming over as arrogant or self-conceited … Continue reading

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Taking Small Steps is the Key to Improve Your Leadership Behaviour

By Manie Bosman “So I realise that I have to change the way in which I’m leading people. Can you give me just five things I can do to be a better leader from now on?” In the nearly two … Continue reading

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You Might Not Like it, But Bad is Stronger than Good

By Manie Bosman The owner of a car dealership I once knew was regarded by most who knew him as a complex man. He demanded that each working day started with a motivational team talk which was compulsory for all … Continue reading

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Start From the Top to Build Loyalty From Below

By Manie Bosman In the late 1980’s I worked in Olifants Camp in the Kruger National Park as a junior tourist officer for two six-month stints before and after doing my national military service. I was manning the reception desk … Continue reading

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10 Practical Tips to Help You Build and Restore Trust

By Manie Bosman Success is never determined by any single factor – it results from a mixture of critical elements such as effective leadership, vision, strategy, communication, adaptability and often-overlooked factors such as opportunity and timing. However, with information technology … Continue reading

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Leading During a Crisis: 7 Lessons From The Costa Concordia Disaster

By Manie Bosman Since the luxury passenger cruiser Costa Concordia sank off the Tuscan coast at Giglio island last Friday, the media have been screaming accusations against its captain for abandoning ship while many passengers were still on board. Captain … Continue reading

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