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Your Caveman Brain: Running From Predators at Work

By Manie Bosman A couple of years ago a friend of mine and his son traveled through northwestern Zimbabwe when they noticed some vultures in the trees ahead of them. They decided it was a good a time as any … Continue reading

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How Neuroscience is Creating “a Brain New World”

By Manie Bosman “The gene was the central issue in biology in the 20th century. The mind is the essential issue for biology in the 21st century.” – Eric Kandel At the risk of coming over as arrogant or self-conceited … Continue reading

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Neuroleadership: Lead in a Way That Will Engage People’s Minds

By Manie Bosman A few days ago I was in a bookstore and just about to pay when the cashier – a young lady – was interrupted by a colleague demanding to know why she had left her lunch box … Continue reading

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