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Leading the 4th Revolution: 6 Ways in Which The Purpose of Leadership Changed in the 21st Century

By Manie Bosman We are currently living in the 4th Revolution – a strange and unpredictable period where the interaction between information and communication technologies has created a snowball-effect causing change to literally become the only constant. Sociologists distinguish three … Continue reading

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What Leaders can Learn from Cow Names

By Manie Bosman A friend recently remarked that in spite of the rising popularity of relational leadership models, proper empirical research proving if and how organizations benefit from these leadership models is still scarce. One result which comes close is … Continue reading

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Is Leadership Thought Following or Leading?

By Manie Bosman Browsing through Daniel Wren’s The history of management thought1 recently, I was again struck by how changes in popular leadership theory over the past century had often been closely related to developments and changes in other spheres … Continue reading

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